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Who we are?

The Easy-to-read Association is a non-profit organization.

We work to make reading accessible
to people with reading difficulties.

Born in 2002, the ETR Association has become established
as an information and reference centre
for easy-to-read projects. In 2005 we joined
the International Easy-to-Read Network.

How to find us

c/ de l'Àngel, 10 3r
08012 – Barcelona (Spain)
T. +34 93 310 76 94

What are ETR materials?

The Easy-to-Read materials are books, documents, websites, etc. made with special care so that people with reading difficulties could read and understand them.

The Easy-to-Read materials comply with the IFLA guidelines for ETR materials
regarding language, content and format.

The Easy-to-Read Association provides an ETR stamp of approval
for texts complying with the IFLA guidelines.


Why is there a need for Easy-to-Read materials?

  • 30% of the population has reading difficulties
  • Access to reading is a social need and a right
    as stated in several national and international legal texts
  • Reading is a rewarding experience
    and encourages readers to share ideas, thoughts and knowledge


Our services


We adapt into plain language a wide variety of texts for companies
and institutions committed to improve the communication
with their audience.

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What is Plain Language?
It is clear communication that helps the reader understand
your message.

To make sure you are getting your message across:

  • Use common, everyday words
  • Write short sentences and paragraphs
  • Use active verbs
  • Keep subject, verb and object close together
  • Speak directly to the reader
  • Use examples
  • Use headings, lists and tables

Why use Plain Language?

  • It makes documents easier to read and understand
  • It communicates effectively
  • It reaches a wide range of audiences
  • It reduces time spent giving explanations
  • It enhances your image as a good service provider
  • It makes you different from your competitors

You can consult some examples


Courses and workshops on:

    - ETR writing skills
    - Plain Language writing skills
    - Reading promotion techniques


We work with several editors

     - Editing of ETR materials
     - Promoting a sole catalogue of ETR books
     - Developing a reference bookshop network


We promote Easy-to-Read clubs in libreries.
There are more than 300 ETR clubs in Spain.

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What is an ETR Book Club?
An ETR book club is a group of people
with different reading abilities who meet periodically
to read and discuss the same ETR book
with the help of a tutor.

ETR books can be found in almost every public library
in Catalonia and Spain.

Central de Préstecs i Serveis Especials (CePSE)
is also a depositary centre.
It offers ETR materials on loan to other public libraries
that wish to have these materials.

Reference bookshops
Reference bookshops are committed:

  • To have available all the published ETR books
  • To give information and advice to customers interested in the ETR projectclick here.

All of them are located in ETR Map.

For this reason, every year we announce the Good Practices Awards.
From the Easy-to-Read Association we want to reward different initiatives which use ETR materials to promote reading, social inclusion and democracy of information, values which the ETR project identifies itself with.
Good practices Awards


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